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Infrared therapy device design

Customer service: Beijing Aoer Huatai Technology Co., Ltd.
Design team: Jingxi Design
Service content: Industrial design | Appearance design | Structural design | Product strategy
This is an outstanding infrared therapeutic device that combines the essence of modern technology and medical aesthetic concepts. Its appearance and structure are designed not only to achieve functions, but also to give users a dual visual and spiritual enjoyment.
This infrared therapy device adopts a streamlined design style, which is round yet grand, quiet yet full of power. Its lines are elegant and dynamic, making it a beautiful sight whether in a hospital environment or in a cozy corner of a home.
In terms of color selection, the designer used elegant white as the main color, which not only reflects the cleanliness and purity of the product, but also brings a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. At the same time, light blue elements are cleverly incorporated into parts, breaking the monotony that a single color may bring, making the overall design more layered and tasteful.


The infrared therapeutic device is an instrument used in medical institutions to prevent and treat wound infections after surgery, and to treat muscle fiber and soft tissue inflammation. The equipment is developed based on the principle of producing thermal effect through infrared irradiation. This product emits near-infrared rays, penetrating 5 centimeters below the skin to produce biological effects. It is suitable for the auxiliary treatment of the recovery period of soft tissue sprains, myofibrositis, arthritis, soft tissue inflammation (furuncle, carbuncle, cellulitis, erysipelas, mastitis, lymphadenitis) resorption period, and neuralgia.
The overall design of this infrared therapy device can be described as ingenious, and every detail embodies the designer's hard work and wisdom. It is not only a powerful medical device, but also a work of art that can touch people's hearts. Whether in terms of visual enjoyment or comfort of use, it can bring the ultimate experience to users.