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Vehicle Air Pump Design (2)

Customer: Shenzhen Gulin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
Our role: Product Strategy | Industrial Design | Appearance Design | Structural Design | Electronics 
Vehicle Air Pump Design -2 (1)6zv
Design concept:
Humanized design: Ergonomic design makes operation easier and more comfortable; at the same time, a variety of air pressure units and preset values can be set to meet the needs of different users.
Vehicle Air Pump Design -2 (2)6xs
Intelligent design: The design of the vehicle air pump also pays attention to intelligence. It monitors air pressure, temperature and other parameters in real time through built-in sensors, and controls it through smart chips to achieve functions such as automatic inflation and stop.
Vehicle Air Pump Design -2 (3)ror
Environmentally friendly and energy-saving design: Use low-power electronic components, optimized circuit design, etc. to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution.
Vehicle Air Pump Design -2 (4)uk1
Fashionable design: Simple appearance design, multiple color choices, etc. are used to meet the needs of modern consumers for beauty and personalization.
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This product is equipped with an efficient and powerful 540 DC pure copper brushed motor and a 22-cylinder movement, intelligent electronic digital display, unique button design, one-button start and multi-select design. Innovative appearance design, compact and lightweight. The product comes with emergency lighting, which can provide auxiliary lighting in case of emergency. Always with your car!