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Pet Feeder Design

Our Role: Appearance Design + Structural Design
Nowadays, more and more people like to keep pets, especially office workers. However, for various reasons, the problem of pet feeding has always troubled people. Smart pet feeders can automatically feed pets at regular intervals, effectively solving pet feeding problems and becoming more and more popular among pet owners.
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The design of the smart pet feeder is centered on user needs, and the details are very user-friendly. The material is transparent and free of impurities, has excellent gap control, and feels smooth and solid; the granary is a separate inner barrel that can be pulled out and is easy to disassemble and wash; the indicator light is convenient for feeding at night; it is equipped with an exclusive mobile phone APP, which can make a feeding plan and provide regular and quantitative feeding, even with a mobile phone Automatic feeding is still effective when turned off, which is convenient, accurate and fast.
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In addition, the design of this smart pet feeder is inspired by chinchillas. It has a Q-shaped shape, exquisite craftsmanship, and soft and delicate texture. It visually gives people a simple, novel, fashionable and beautiful feeling, and is in line with the aesthetic trend of the times. The color combination is exquisite, with various color schemes, the white model is fresh and elegant, and the black model is fashionable and technological. Exquisite and compact, it not only saves family space, but also plays a role in home decoration.