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Film production line design

Customer: Zhongshan Hongwan Film Equipment Co., Ltd.
Year: 2022
Our role: Industrial design | Appearance design | Brand design
We were deeply involved in the industrial design and graphic design of the Hongwan film production line. Based on the needs of the target market and customers, we innovatively designed PI features with market differentiation, creating a new height in the industrial design of domestic large-scale film production lines.
Give products unique aesthetic value and brand value. Finally, the product was launched, and it was a great success at the International Plastics Exhibition that year.
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Industry 4.0 refers to the integration of intelligent digital technologies into manufacturing and industrial processes, including a range of technologies such as industrial IoT networks, artificial intelligence, big data, robotics and automation. Help enterprises realize intelligent manufacturing and establish intelligent factories with the goal of improve productivity, efficiency and flexibility. For many years, we have mostly used large-scale production equipment from European and American countries. However, with the introduction of this concept, industrial design, as the vanguard of equipment manufacturing, should cater to the trend of the times and shine in the field of domestic equipment manufacturing.
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As a large-scale assembly line equipment, we focused on polishing and applying the corporate PI image during the design process. We repeatedly applied corporate colors and corporate symbols to product design to reflect the sense of unity and family characteristics of the equipment. Strengthen users' memory points and unique recognition of products.
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In the design, we advocate a design with warmth: As the core components of the equipment, the injection molding machine and the film blowing machine are polished using methods to remove the cold feeling, and the cold equipment is personified and can be operated with precision like a robot. There is no doubt that the combination of three levels of steps not only enriches the product level but also enhances the user's sense of ritual.
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Secondly, ease of use has also been considered in terms of usage details. Including the processing of large arcs, the use of non-slip texture on stairs, and the consideration of human-machine size and safety of guardrails, all details are combined to create this futuristic shape to weaken the user's sense of distance from the device. In terms of aesthetics, It improves the sense of product hierarchy and makes the product more friendly.
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I am honored to receive the invitation from Hongwan to participate in the exhibition, and I am also grateful to be able to witness the implementation of the product with my own eyes. Creating better market value for customers through design is our philosophy that we have always adhered to. Designing a better life, Jingxi is always on the way!
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