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GPS camera design

The pet raising environment in foreign countries has a wide range, and the area for pets to play is relatively wide. This camera can share the first perspective of pets with users at any time, and KIVI also has GPS positioning function, allowing owners to know the location of pets at any time. KIVI comes with a quick disconnect structure, which makes it convenient for the owner to quickly remove and charge when the battery is depleted. The product itself has a small volume and will not affect the daily life of pets.
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Silicone quick disassembly structure, easy for the owner to take off for charging and cleaning
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GPS camera (2)xrl
Charging cockpit, host magnet adsorption charging
GPS camera (11)uas
When the host is charging, the LED light passes through the hole to reveal the rainbow light
GPS camera (10)vol
As the first vision, the gem mirror surface shows the care of a pet technology
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