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European Standard AC Charging Pile Design (1)aht

European Standard AC Charging Pile Design

Customer: Zhejiang Anban Automotive Safety First Aid Technology Co., Ltd.
Year: 2023
Our role: Industrial design | Family style | Appearance design | Structural design
Jingxi (Bifoxs) Design has been deeply involved in the field of new energy for many years, especially the charging pile and charging gun sectors, which have a very high market share and praise in the market. This European standard AC charging pile continues some of the line trends of Party A’s previous generation products, embodies the consistent PI characteristics of Party A’s new energy products through family-style design techniques, and creates unique brand recognition.
European Standard AC Charging Pile Design (2)1ra
Figure 1: Column usage scenario (home use)
Various application scenarios
This charging pile has two forms of use: home use and shared use. Both usage scenarios can be fixed by pillars or wall-mounted and locked. For the column part, a telescopic design is adopted according to the usage situation. It is loosened by the knob so that it can be adjusted to a suitable fixed height according to the user's height, whether for individual buyers or public places.
European Standard AC Charging Pile Design (3)wih
Figure 2: Wall-mounted usage scenario (public)
Internal structural design
With the original intention of teamwork to improve product completion and the work attitude of excellence, the appearance designer also participated in part of the structural design. Fixed plates include wall-mounted and column-mounted plate types, as well as options for heat dissipation modules and emergency stop buttons. Based on the customer's manufacturing experience, a small and delicate metal button was chosen for the emergency stop button. At the same time, in order to ensure the IP54 waterproof and dustproof requirements of the entire machine, a rubber sealing strip was installed.
European Standard AC Charging Pile Design (4)14k
Figure 3: Exploded view of the interior of the structure
CMF design
As a new energy product, it not only needs to be differentiated in appearance, but also needs to be carefully considered in the design of CMF.
European Standard AC Charging Pile Design (5)zyc
Figure 4: Elegant gray color scheme
In terms of color matching, combined with the current color matching of new energy vehicles and future trends, we defined the shell as two colors: Gulf blue and elegant white. The blue is bold and novel, while the gray is low-key and restrained. The shell material is made of ABS+PC, which is durable, strong, chemical-resistant and heat-resistant. The surface treatment process adopts the method of powder coating the glossy front shell and matte back shell. The collision of different surface materials can enhance the layering and modernity of the product.
European Standard AC Charging Pile Design (6)606
Figure 5: Bay blue color scheme