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Small Air Purifier Design

Our role: Product Strategy | Industrial Design | Appearance Design | Structural Design | Implementation Follow up
In the era of surging technology, smart watches have become an indispensable part of people's lives. In this story, we will follow the designer into the world of smartwatch design, exploring the entire process from research to implementation.
Firstly, based on our research, we will start designing. Firstly, multiple sketches were drawn to explore different appearance styles and functional layouts. After repeated revisions and discussions, a minimalist, fashionable, and ergonomic design solution has been ultimately determined. This smartwatch has basic functions such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and exercise step counting, and also integrates convenient functions such as voice assistant and payment.
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After completing the design proposal, convert the design into a physical object. We have conducted multiple prototype production and testing, continuously optimizing hardware and software performance. During this process, we also actively communicate with potential users, collect their feedback, and adjust product design in a timely manner.
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After months of hard work, we have finally entered the mass production stage of smartwatches. Everyone nervously and orderly completed various preparations, including the procurement of raw materials and quality testing. When the first batch of smartwatches came off the production line, everyone was excited and put on this work that had condensed countless efforts.
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After the official launch of smartwatches, they were warmly welcomed by consumers. Our team also continues to monitor market trends, collect user feedback, and prepare for product iteration and upgrading. Looking back at the entire design process, we are filled with emotions. From the initial research to the final product implementation, every step is full of challenges and gains. And it is precisely these experiences that have strengthened his belief in creating a better life for users.
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