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Samsung Mobile Phone Cases

Name: Phone Case
Customer: Samsung
Our role: Appearance design + structural design + sampling + production

Convenient to Carry

Stable grip device. The border protective case is designed in two colors: black and white, making it easy to carry and use the Galaxy A54 5G, while also preventing accidental dropping.
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Perfect Grip, Paired with Detachable Ring Strap

The border protective case (with finger ring strap) is equipped with a detachable finger ring strap, which can freely position the grip and fine tune it to the comfort or style you need.
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Change Your Ring Strap Style

The border protective shell (with finger band attached) has multiple finger band designs to choose from. Find the ring that fits your mood or showcases your identity.
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Integrating Natural Design

Inspired by nature and environmental protection, the Galaxy A54 5G border protective case (with a finger ring) protects your device.
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