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Blood irradiator design

Customer service: Shandong Weigao Group
Design team: Jingxi Design
Service content: Appearance design | Structural design
A blood irradiator is a medical device used to irradiate blood to eliminate harmful substances such as viruses and bacteria. Its appearance design is simple and smooth, showing a sense of technology and modernity. The blood irradiator has the characteristics of high stability, high precision, and high efficiency, and can provide all-round support and guarantee for medical work.
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The blood irradiator is used to irradiate bagged blood and blood products in blood stations and hospitals to inactivate lymphocytes in blood products. Human blood is mixed with lymphocytes. When this allogeneic blood or blood component containing a large number of immunologically active lymphocytes is transfused into an immunocompromised patient, it can cause "transfusion-associated graft-versus-host disease" (TA-GVHD). Occurs, and in severe cases may lead to death of the patient.
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Traditional blood irradiators require a large amount of lead protection and are heavy. The procedures for equipment environmental assessment, radioactive source approval, transportation, daily management and maintenance, and radioactive source recycling are complicated and expensive.
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