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Shared power bank design

Customer service:
Design team: Jingxi Design
Service content: Industrial design | Appearance design | Structural design
This is a simple and stylish shared power bank. The design concept stems from the fast pace of modern urban life and people's pursuit of convenient and beautiful products.
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Simplicity is not only reflected in the appearance of the product, but also throughout the entire use process. We have simplified the rental and return process so that users can easily enjoy charging services in just a few steps.
We closely follow the trend and use modern design elements and popular colors to create a power bank that is both in line with public aesthetics and has unique personality. Whether in business situations or leisure time, it can become a fashionable item in the hands of users, showing extraordinary taste.
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On the basis of pursuing practicality, it incorporates fashion elements to create a convenient and beautiful charging product, adding a bright color to modern urban life.