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Medical device product design

Customer service: Hunan Huaxin Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Design team: Jingxi Design
Service content: product strategy | industrial design | appearance design | structural design
This is a medical device specifically designed to process endoscopic images. The design of this product is simple and sophisticated, perfectly blending functionality and aesthetics. The overall color tone is gray, giving the product a calm and professional visual impression. As a neutral textured color, gray can not only coordinate with various medical environments and avoid being too conspicuous or abrupt, but also present the exquisiteness and high quality of the product. Not only is it resistant to stains, it also highlights the stability and professionalism of the product. This neutral-toned design allows the product to adapt to various medical environments without irritating patients' emotions.
The shape is simple, the curve shape is smooth, and the gap between the upper and lower front of the product has a sense of hierarchy. The product color is mainly gray, reflecting the attributes of medical products. Of course, you can also divide the black area of ​​the large panel to create contrast and gather product functions, making it overall and unified, showing a sense of grandeur and stability. Product functional areas are clear and concise.
We chose sheet metal material for the rear fuselage. Sheet metal has the following characteristics: high strength. Sheet metal materials have high strength, can withstand large pressure and bending forces, and are not easily deformed. Lightweight: Compared with traditional materials, sheet metal materials are lighter in weight, easier to transport and install, and are in line with the trend of lightweight modern products. Beautiful: Sheet metal materials can produce various beautiful surface effects through precise processing technology to enhance the overall texture of the product. Corrosion resistance: Some sheet metal materials such as stainless steel have good corrosion resistance and can maintain their performance and appearance for a long time. Economy: Compared with other materials, sheet metal materials have lower manufacturing costs and are suitable for mass production and use.
This upper gastrointestinal electronic endoscope image processor is the result of careful consideration and careful design by our team. We use humanized design concepts to integrate users' needs and usage habits, and strive to create products that are both beautiful and practical. We had an in-depth understanding and after many discussions and modifications, we finally completed the design of this medical product.
We hope that this product can meet the needs of users, become a powerful assistant for doctors to diagnose and treat upper gastrointestinal diseases, and bring better medical services and health protection to patients. We look forward to this product being well received and recognized by users and playing a greater role in the future medical field.