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Explosion proof fire extinguishing robot

This fire robot is used for firefighting and rescue at large-scale fire accident sites, as well as for reconnaissance of hazardous chemicals, toxic and harmful gas leaks, combustion, collapse accidents, firefighting and rescue, and large-span factory collapse accidents in petrochemical enterprises. It replaces firefighters to enter high-risk fire sites.
This universal tracked explosion-proof fire extinguishing reconnaissance robot is mainly composed of a control box (remote control), the robot's explosion-proof chassis, a large flow multi-functional water cannon in the vehicle, gas detection in the vehicle, and video acquisition equipment in the vehicle.
Creative expression: For a long time, many things that have plunged the world into chaos, seemingly unrelated disasters. At first, people may think that those disasters are tragedies that happen by chance, but in the invisible darkness, there is an invisible hand controlling everything. Gradually, people who are sober start to create a machine for survival and confrontation
This firefighting robot is suitable for fire control, disinfection, cooling, and environmental information collection in some fire scenes. This firefighting robot has the characteristics of explosion-proof, strong obstacle crossing ability, and strong dragging ability.
The overall appearance of the product presents a rugged appearance, extracting the body shape of the ZBL-8 × 8 wheeled infantry tank. It adopts an integral welded plate structure, achieving a large number of linear cutting surface designs. The front face features a trapezoidal raised protective plate and matrix style headlights, further enhancing the product's sense of toughness, protection, and quality; The dispersed layout of the internal three compartments and the external toothed protective plate bring high-strength collision and explosion prevention effects and fast heat dissipation ability; Specially designed herringbone engineering rubber tracks, equipped with high-efficiency planetary reducers, 6 sets of suspension shock absorption track systems, bring extremely strong terrain adaptability.