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VIVO Thermostatic Pot Design (1)rah

VIVO Thermostatic Pot Design

Client: VIVO
Time: 2019
Our role: Product Strategy | Industrial Design | Appearance Design | Structural Design
Through various market surveys, we collect data about the smart kettle market, such as market size, growth trends, consumer preferences, competitors' product characteristics, etc. Analyze this data to understand the needs and gaps in the market.
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After clarifying the product direction, we started hand-drawing sketches to present preliminary design ideas. Sketches can include several different design options for later comparison and selection.
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Based on the results of market research and hand-drawn design, determine the functional characteristics of the smart kettle.
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In order to realize the function of a smart kettle, you need to choose a suitable hardware solution. This includes selecting a low-power embedded Wi-Fi+BLE dual-protocol cloud module as the main control. The selection of hardware solutions needs to ensure the stability and reliability of the product.
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Design the power supply system and circuit protection scheme to ensure the safety and stability of the smart kettle during use. This includes over-temperature protection, under-voltage lockout protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection and open-loop protection, etc.
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Design the appearance and structure of the smart kettle based on the hand-drawn design draft and hardware plan. This includes determining the shape, size, material and color of the product. Appearance and structural design need to pay attention to the balance between practicality and aesthetics.
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After the product design is completed, samples are made and tested. Test content includes functional testing, performance testing, security testing, etc. Based on the test results, the product will be further optimized and improved.
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