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Custom Manufacturing from Prototyping to Production

As a professional prototype manufacturer, we have the ability to deliver the finest visual design models, full-functional engineering prototypes, or short-run and low-volume manufacturing services, allowing you to verify your design thoroughly, and help you focus on the key elements of product development.

The customers we serve

Jingxi provides excellent global services and has a large and rapidly growing customer base. Our customers are located around the world and come from various industries. It covers from independent inventors or designers to large industrial, commercial, medical, and automotive industries Even aerospace companies. We will always do our best to meet your design and manufacturing needs and help you turn your ideas into reality

Our expertise in processing technology

CNC machining

Equipped with high precision CNC metal and plastic processing machines, professional talents.

Common Types Of Rapid Tooling

High quality and cost-effective rapid tooling allows you to quickly achieve mass production

3D printing service and sheet metal machining.

Quickly verify the appearance, structure, and strength of the product