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Design, innovation, and integrated manufacturing service provider based on the entire industry chain

Market-oriented, user centered, and innovative for customer value


Company Development History


• Established Dongguan Jingwei Technology Co., Ltd., located in Songshan Lake High tech Zone, Dongguan City. Established precision mold division, injection molding division, and sheet metal division.
• Introducing processing equipment from Germany and Switzerland, the mold processing accuracy reaches ±0.0025mm
• Equipped with a "100000 level dust-free injection molding workshop", it can be used for the production of precision parts such as professional medical and food grade products.

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• Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with "SAMSUNG“ and "Nestle China“
• "Smart Door Lock Project won the German "IF" Design Award and "Red Dot" Design Award
• Passed the ISO9001 quality management system and passed the international intellectual property standard implementation management system certification: GB/T29490
• Established an "Assembly Division" with ODM complete machine R&D and assembly capabilities.

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• Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the medical leading company "WEGO", Japan's "TECO", and the home appliance leading company "MIDEA“.
• Passed the "ISO13485" quality management system in the medical industry and the "IATF16949" quality management system in the automotive industry;
• In Shenzhen Bao’an Design R&D Center, "Shenzhen Jingxi Industrial Design Co., Ltd." was established to lay out the industrial design business.
• The "X-ray Blood Irradiator" project won the German "IF" Design Award, the "Smart Switch" project won the Taiwan "Golden Pin Design Award”, the "Travel Luggage" project won the gold medal in the "CMF" competition
• Lay out ODM business in the new energy industry: charging guns, charging piles, energy storage power supplies, etc.

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• Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Japan's "Panasonic", Italy's "I'm back", "Haier", and signed strategic cooperation agreement with "Youcheng Group, Aotexun Group, Yonggui Group, Taikesheng and Maoshuo Group”
• Became the vice-president unit of Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association and a director unit of Shenzhen Industrial Federation.
• Won the title of "Shenzhen Top Ten Industrial Design Companies"

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• Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the American company “JACS SOLUTIONS, the Japanese company “CIO”,the Japanese company "KB-EYE", the Korean company "ONE THIRD", and cooperated with the automotive industry "BYD" on new energy peripheral design projects.
• Formed a long-term strategic cooperation with South Korea's "SAMSUNG" mobile phone peripherals division
• Formed school-enterprise cooperation with "National University of Singapore" and "Wuhan University of Science and Technology“
• Obtained multiple invention patents in the field of new energy

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Jingxi Design brings together a group of creative designers and managers over the world. It has won well-known domestic and foreign design awards such as German Red Dot, IF, Japanese G-Mark, Chinese Red Star Award, American IDEA, etc. It is a company with international forward-looking vision. , a comprehensive creative company with cutting-edge innovative ideas.​The team includes professionals in many fields such as brand vision, industrial design, structural design, electronic software and hardware, molds and manufacturing. It empowers business model innovation with industrial design thinking and is committed to providing customers with one-stop product development and manufacturing services, turning more wonderful ideas into reality.



Honor Innovate domestic and international design awards, Jointly create high-quality and achieve massproduction


Innovate domestic and international design awards



Jointly create high-quality and achieve mass production