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PLC controller design

Design team: Jingxi Design
Service content: Appearance design | Product strategy | Industrial design
As a leader in the field of industrial automation, Leisai Intelligence has always been committed to providing customers with efficient and stable automation solutions. In order to further enhance the market competitiveness of its PLC controller, Leisai Intelligence has commissioned our company (Jingxi Design) to upgrade the appearance design of its new generation PLC controller.
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After gaining a deep understanding of the brand concept and market demand of Leisai Intelligence, the Jingxi design team has created a modern and practical appearance design for this PLC controller. The design team focuses on every detail, striving to give the product unique visual charm while maintaining functionality.
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(1) Overall design: The controller adopts a simple yet stylish square shape, with clean and neat lines. The front shell protrudes a platform surface, making the product more designed. The four corners have curved transitions, natural and stable, and rich in interweaving correlation. It not only demonstrates the power of industrial design, but also avoids overly sharp visual impact.
(2) Color matching: The main color is black, which symbolizes stability and reliability, and is rich in industry attributes; Paired with white character screen printing and indicator light effects, the entire controller is visually more active and also convenient for users to quickly recognize and operate.
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(3) Material selection: The shell is made of high-strength and corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring the durability and safety of the product; At the same time, through fine surface treatment technology, the product has a comfortable touch and is not easy to leave fingerprints and scratches.
(4) Human computer interaction: The layout of the control panel is reasonable, the button size is moderate, the touch is clear, and it is convenient for users to perform various operations; The indicator light is bright and has clear colors, which can accurately reflect the working status of the controller.
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(5) Brand identity: In a prominent position on the controller, the brand identity of Leisai Intelligence is cleverly integrated, which not only enhances the brand recognition of the product, but also highlights the professional image of the enterprise.
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