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Multifunctional self-service terminal design (1)cdb

Multifunctional self-service terminal design

Client: PuYi Tech
Year: 2021
Our roles: industrial design, ergonomics, structural design, prototyping
We participated in the industrial design and structural design of multi-functional self-service terminal equipment. Based on the needs of the target market and customers, we innovatively designed a structure that was different from that on the market, solving the pain points of similar products.
Through multiple rounds of human-computer interaction verification and simulation, the implementation and launch of the final product were confirmed.
Multifunctional self-service terminal design (2)urt
Solve the problem that the report sheet output position is too low and you need to lower your head and bend down to take the report sheet
Reason: The transportation height of goods is restricted. The first point is that the transportation of goods requires wooden frames to be fixed, and forklifts are used for handling, with a forklift board height of 10mm; The second point is that hospital elevators generally have a height of 1500 * 2400mm, and hospital doors have a height of no less than 1800mm and no more than 2400mm.
Multifunctional self-service terminal design (3)qnr
Solution: Raise the central control part to about 850mm, and pull it out from the front together with the report printer for maintenance.
Multifunctional self-service terminal design (4)1s2
The report sheet printer is innovatively located at the same level as the center console, sending the report sheet directly to you for a more user-friendly operation.
The screen is located in the middle and rear of the report printer. The front size can be reduced as much as possible without blocking the normal operation of the report printer.
Multifunctional self-service terminal design (5)bpm
The card reader part has a bevel cut, which maintains the horizontal working direction of the card reader, taking into account the height of human-machine operation and the visual angle of human operation. The aesthetics of the shape enhance the sense of hierarchy of the product, making the product more user-friendly.
Multifunctional self-service terminal design (6)q0z
The layering is distinct. The diagonally divided silk screen enhances the product's sense of technology, and the colors strengthen the layering of the product. The semi-suspended screen tomb is light and transparent, breaking the dull atmosphere of the hospital; the protruding base increases the stability of the product.