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Camera Tripod Design (4)7or

Camera Tripod Design

Client: Onion Technology
Our role: Industrial design | Appearance design | Structural design | Product strategy
For professional photographers, a suitable tripod is essential to cope with various outdoor shooting environments and help them record beautiful scenery in the most comfortable position and angle. In the context of the Z era, video bloggers and the live broadcast industry have sprung up, which has subsequently expanded the market for professional shooting equipment, and camera tripods are one of them. Various bloggers need to spend a long time in front of the camera to shoot, and often go out alone to shoot creative materials. Due to these professional characteristics, camera tripods have naturally become their indispensable work partners.
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I believe that all photographers have this experience: when adjusting the tripod legs, you need to open the locks on each section of the three legs. Normally, each leg of a tripod has 2-3 plate leg locks. When adjusting the height of the tripod, at least 6 locks must be pulled, and a maximum of 9 locks must be pulled; therefore, the operation of adjusting the length of the leg is very cumbersome. Especially when photographers carry backpacks and other equipment, they want to adjust the tripod easily and quickly.
In order to allow photographers to quickly set up tripods and capture the beautiful scenery of the moment. We solved the pain point of high-speed operation by redesigning the structure of the tripod. While reducing the number of locks to 3, we also realized the direct operation of retracting a single leg, which improved the use and storage of the camera tripod. experience, it is worth celebrating that the product structure has obtained an invention patent.
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The invention belongs to the technical field of accessories, and in particular relates to a linkage locking device and a telescopic bracket. The locking device includes: fixed structure, guide structure, rotating structure, power structure and locking structure. It can achieve simultaneous locking of the outer casing, positioning tube and inner casing with high efficiency.
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The legs of the tripod break away from the previous cylindrical shape and choose a three-sided trapezoidal body with cut corners that is more stable. Furthermore, with the blessing of metal material and classic black, it shows a tough, stable and professional temperament.
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The feature of this patent is that it allows photographers to adjust the length of a leg by just pulling a lock, which is very fast and convenient.
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Considering the needs of some bloggers and photographers to collect creative materials outdoors, we created a small camera stand that is easy to carry. Its stick-like shape is round and friendly, making it easy to hold. The arc surface of the leg tubes echoes the cylindrical head platform to reduce wear and tear on the inside of the backpack. It adopts a folding telescopic design for easy storage.
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Design is an activity that creates a comfortable product experience. It requires designers to have keen insight to explore the pain points of product use. With a high degree of design literacy as the cornerstone, through repeated thinking, design methods are used to solve problems. Meet users' usage needs, experience needs and aesthetic needs, etc., so as to impress users among many competing products.