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Intelligent micro-hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber design

Customer service: Chongqing Hairun Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
Design team: Jingxi Design
Service content: Industrial design | Appearance design | Structural design | Ergonomics
This is an industrial design of a medical oxygen cabin. The customer needs to make a medical cabin with future personality that can be used for both home and medical purposes. In recent years, with the development of the health industry, especially people's pursuit of medical care, oxygen chambers have also begun to develop towards civilian use, and are gradually applied to daily health care, such as post-exercise recovery, postoperative wound recovery, postpartum recovery, and relief. Altitude sickness and beauty and body care, etc.

Medical scene

Various application scenarios

As a future-oriented medical cabin, it can be applied to almost all kinds of application scenarios, and even enters the home to become a new tool for people's home health and recuperation, helping to improve sub-health conditions such as insomnia, headaches, and fatigue, as well as preventive and auxiliary treatments. Related chronic diseases, protecting people's physical and mental health.

Home scene

Human-computer interaction design

Regarding the door opening method, we made different assumptions and finally settled on a bi-fold design similar to the automatic induction door of a supermarket. This has the following two advantages.
1: When it is placed in the lobby, driven by curiosity, the door will automatically open when the user approaches, allowing users to experience it directly and lowering the experience threshold.
2: Convenient for patients who need recovery after surgery and have limited mobility.
Regarding the composition of the internal space, we use face-to-face double seats to ensure space utilization and at the same time obtain a more spacious treatment experience.

Opening display

CMF design

The color design is combined with product attributes and taking into account the diversity of user groups, we define the shell as two colors: night yellow and extreme day white, providing customers with more choices.
The production process uses ABS+PC material, which is durable, strong, resistant to chemical corrosion and heat, has high machinability, and is compatible with a variety of manufacturing processes.
Meet sterilization requirements and comply with production standards for medical products. In terms of surface treatment technology, a glossy shell is used with a matte front shell. The collision of different surface materials can enhance the layering and modernity of the product.

Night yellow color scheme


Ultra-white color scheme