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Automatic Pet Feeder

Our role: Industrial design | Appearance design | Structural design | Electronic R&D | Manufacturing
With the acceleration of people's pace of life and the improvement of pet care concepts, automatic pet feeders have gradually become a popular product on the market. In order to meet the needs of pet owners, our team has gone through a series of careful planning and practice from market research to product design.
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Market research
During the market research phase, we mainly focused on three aspects: the needs of pet owners, the status of existing products on the market, and potential technology development trends.
Through questionnaire surveys, online forum discussions and on-site visits to pet stores, we found that most pet owners’ basic needs for feeders include regular and quantitative feeding, food preservation, and easy cleaning. At the same time, they also hope that the feeder can be intelligent, such as remote control through a mobile phone APP, and a food remaining reminder function.
In the survey of existing products on the market, we found that although most feeders can meet basic feeding needs, they still need to be improved in terms of intelligence, food preservation and cleaning convenience. In addition, with the development of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology, the intelligence level of feeders is expected to be further improved.
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Product design
Based on the results of market research, we determined the design concept of the automatic pet feeder: intelligence, humanity, safety and aesthetics.
In terms of intelligence, we use Internet of Things technology to enable the feeder to connect to the home wireless network and achieve remote control through the mobile phone APP. At the same time, we have also integrated sensors and algorithms to realize automatic detection and reminder functions of food remaining.
In terms of humanization, we paid special attention to the ease of use and cleaning of the feeder. The feeder's operation interface is simple and clear, so even first-time pet owners can get started quickly. In addition, the internal structure of the feeder adopts a detachable design, making it convenient for pet owners to clean and maintain.
In terms of safety, we use food-grade materials to make the feeder's food bowl and food storage bin to ensure the safety of your pet's diet. At the same time, the feeder also has anti-tipping and anti-biting functions, effectively avoiding accidental injuries that may be caused by pets while playing.
In terms of aesthetics, we paid attention to the appearance design and color matching of the feeder so that it can blend into various home styles. The simple yet stylish design makes the feeder not only a practical pet product, but also a decoration that can enhance the taste of your home.
In short, from market research to product design, we always adhere to the needs of pet owners as the starting point, driven by technological innovation, and are committed to creating an intelligent, humane, safe and beautiful automatic pet feeder.
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