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Electric Bicycle Design

Customer: Vanda Electronics Singapore
Our roles: Product Strategy | Industrial Design | Appearance Design | Structural Design | Electronic Research and Development | Production and Manufacturing
Project background:
Driven by the era of "high-quality development" and the demand for consumer upgrading, two wheeled electric vehicles are moving towards personalized, intelligent, and high-quality development, ushering in new opportunities for industry development.
Market competition pattern: According to data from the China Cycling Association, the number of two wheeled electric vehicles in China was about 320 million in 2020, with market production and sales of 51 million and 47.6 million respectively, with a production sales ratio of 93.3%. From January to June 2021, the production of electric bicycles by enterprises above designated size reached 16.202 million units, a year-on-year increase of 33.6%. While the quantity of products increased, the quality control of products also posed challenges to the future development trend of the industry.
Project pain points:
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Design intention:
Explore the personalized development of independent brands, identify IP features of products, use new lightweight material processing technology to achieve vehicle integration, highlight the quality of products, and meet different social travel needs.
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Hand drawn drawings:
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Humanized design:
The design of electric bicycles should take into account the user's comfort and convenience, including the comfort of the seat, the grip of the handlebars, and the stability of the body.
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Actual pictures of electric bicycles:
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Parts split view:
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