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Design of pet litter box

Using advanced environmentally friendly plastics, non-toxic and odorless, ensuring the health of cats,
Spacious interior space reduces the hassle of frequent cleaning, allowing cats to enjoy worry free toileting.
Unique anti slip design ensures stable placement of the litter box, preventing accidents for cats during use.
The detachable design makes it easy for owners to clean, keeping the cat's restroom always clean and tidy.
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In the design process of the Pet Star litter box, we always prioritize the needs of cats. We hope that every cat can have their own comfortable space and enjoy the pleasure of using the toilet. At the same time, we also take into account the owner's user experience, making the litter box not only a good companion for cats, but also a beautiful scenery in the home.
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Whether it's the home environment or the pet store, the Pet Star litter box can perfectly blend in. Its simple and elegant appearance and user-friendly design make every scene appear warm and harmonious.
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