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Bathroom Disinfection Box

Service customer: Midea Group
Design team: Jingxi Design
Service content: Appearance design | Structural design | Electronic design | Prototype production | Tooling making | Mass Production
This is a bathroom disinfection box designed by us for Midea Group, with a design philosophy mainly focused on practicality, safety, and aesthetics. Firstly, to ensure the best disinfection effect, we have adopted advanced ultraviolet disinfection technology. This technology can quickly kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, protecting the health of users. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of use, we have specially designed an automatic sensing function to avoid injuries caused by misoperation.
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In terms of exterior design, we have chosen a minimalist rather than simplistic style. The appearance of the box adopts a rounded curve to prevent accidental scratches that may occur during use. Meanwhile, we have chosen materials with high durability to ensure the long-term use of the product. In terms of color, we have designed several schemes such as purple, white, etc. to integrate the product into various bathroom decoration styles.
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Considering the utilization rate of bathroom space, we have designed reasonable sizes and shapes so that the disinfection box can be conveniently placed on the wall. At the same time, for the convenience of users, we have set clear operation instructions and simple and understandable voice prompts.
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In order to meet the intelligent needs of modern homes, we have added Bluetooth connection function. Users can remotely control the operation status of the disinfection box, check the remaining power, and adjust the disinfection time through the mobile app. At the same time, we have also developed a one click start function to make the disinfection process more convenient. The toothbrush can be placed in a disinfection box for disinfection.
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