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Samsung Tablet Protective Case (2)hur

Samsung Tablet Protective Case

Name: Samsung tablet protective case
Customer: Samsung
Our role: Appearance design + structural design + sampling +production

Find the Right Angle

The vertical protective case with a support frame can support the Galaxy Tab S8+ for landscape and vertical viewing. The screen can be tilted 30 to 75 degrees, allowing you to maintain a sitting or relaxing position and find a suitable viewing angle. The support frame is retractable, making it easy to carry around.
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Place the S Pen Stylus Properly
Continuous Charging and Standby at Any Time

It can safely place the S Pen stylus and replenish its battery through the tablet. The back panel of the Galaxy Tab S8+vertical protective case has cleverly designed grooves, allowing you to insert the S Pen stylus into it and charge it with a tablet.
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Protective Material Feels Comfortable to the Touch

The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) outer frame and sturdy polycarbonate (PC) panel of the Galaxy Tab S8 vertical protective case tightly wrap around the four corners and back panel of the device, providing solid protection, comfortable touch, and easy grip.
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