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Smart Glasses Design

Our role: Industrial design | Appearance design | Structural design
As a popular wearable smart device, smart glasses not only have the functions of smartphones, but also have the advantage of meeting consumers' needs for portability and large-screen visual experience. As a substitute and effective supplement for future smartphones, they are regarded as future smart glasses. An important growth point for technology products.
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This smart glasses is designed using the Android operating system. A smart chip is embedded in the frame. It has voice control and gesture recognition functions. With the mobile phone client, it can realize voice remote control to take photos, make and receive calls, sit posture reminders and anti-theft functions. It can realize Three-dimensional interference-free calling and listening to music, very convenient to use.
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The design of this smart glasses has a fashionable appearance, simple and technological design language, smooth and round line design, slim and lightweight shape, and low-key luxurious texture, giving people a unique technological and cool aesthetic. The overall design is ergonomic, and the frame is made of imported materials. It is light and comfortable to wear. It can be equipped with optical lenses and has a variety of styles to choose from to meet personalized aesthetic and emotional needs.
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