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Vehicle Air Pump Design (1)qdb

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Customer: Shenzhen Gulin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
Time: 2023
Our role: Product Strategy | Industrial Design | Appearance Design | Structural Design
This vehicle-mounted air pump is a small, portable product that can inflate cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and basketballs. It can quickly fill tires with the required air pressure.
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Design philosophy:
Portability: Car air pumps usually come in convenient handheld designs that are easy to carry and use.
Efficiency: The air pump should have efficient inflation capabilities and be able to quickly inflate car tires.
Safety: When designing the air pump, safety should be taken into consideration to ensure that it will not cause harm to the car and people during use. For example, a pressure switch can detect the output pressure of an air pump and automatically shut down once the set pressure is reached. The valve interface should also be able to inflate the mouth without damaging it.
Reliability: Car air pumps should have high reliability and be able to work normally under various environmental conditions.
Maintainability: When designing a car air pump, maintainability should be considered to facilitate cleaning, maintenance and repair of the air pump.
Economy: While meeting the above requirements, we must also consider economy and try to reduce production costs in order to gain higher competitiveness in the market.
Intelligent: Modern car air pumps also tend to be intelligently designed, such as through pressure sensors, ADC chips, main control chips and other related components to automatically detect tire pressure and automatically control the inflation pressure.
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This car-mounted air pump is equipped with an efficient and powerful 540 DC pure copper brushed motor and a 22-cylinder movement, intelligent electronic digital display, unique button design, one-button start and multi-select design. Innovative appearance design, compact and lightweight.
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Equipped with an innovative quick-release air pipe design, the air pipe installation and removal becomes simple and fast. The product comes with emergency lighting, which can provide auxiliary lighting in case of emergency. Always with your car!
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