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Automatic feeder design

The automatic feeder is a pet smart product specially designed for novice cat owners and short-term travel groups. It can remotely record pet life and provide safe feeding, bidding farewell to the anxiety of pets being alone at home and no longer missing every moment of pet growth. The top of the robot is a movable gimbal with a built-in 300W high-definition camera, which can automatically recognize and track pets without blind spots. Paired with a native microphone for two-way communication and infrared laser, it can achieve remote pet teasing; Through image recognition algorithms, it is possible to identify multiple cats, as well as the feeding status of each cat, and detect the remaining food in the feeding bowl. Record your pet's daily behavior and automatically push a collection of video memories to users, allowing you to accompany your pet and feed them healthily anytime, anywhere.
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Through extensive market data and repeated argumentation, the concept direction of a cat video manufacturing machine with feeding function was ultimately determined in the early stage. Due to the unknown direction, a total of three versions of ID design and two versions of structural design were iterated, constantly overturned and argued. This product is mainly aimed at solving the anxiety and anxiety of novice cat owners and new cat owners when their cats are alone at home during daytime work or short-term business trips. Three core scenarios have been defined (AI short video generation, intelligent cat companionship, and exclusive feeding plans), and hardware research and development directions have been developed around them.
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In the stage of defining product functions, there are many entangled difficulties. ① The viewing angle of the camera cannot meet the need to see the leftover food in the basin, and due to cost considerations, adding more cameras cannot solve the problem. After accurately simulating and confirming the position of the camera and the food bowl, tilt the camera down 7 ° to achieve the purpose of seeing the food bowl.
We have to readjust the original ID to balance functional requirements without affecting the original design intention In terms of implementing pan tilt facial expressions, we have switched from the initial LED screen scheme to the dot matrix screen scheme, further reducing costs. Through extensive collection and simulation of network facial expressions, we have set up a 5x5 matrix display scheme The core function of the product is AI video recording, which minimizes feeding attributes in appearance. So the food basin has been made into a retractable structure, which is convenient for storage and cleaning, ensuring the integrity of the product's appearance. We have verified and designed a spring damping structure to ensure smooth pulling of the food bowl, making it more convenient for users to use in their daily lives.
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