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Product design company workflow

2024-04-17 14:05:22

Author: Jingxi Industrial Design Time: 2024-04-17

Product design is a complex process involving multiple links and multiple aspects of expertise. For product design companies, a clear and efficient workflow is the key to ensuring that the project proceeds smoothly and achieves the desired results. Below, the editor of Jingxi Design will introduce the work process of the product design company in detail.


1.Pre-project communication and market research

Before the project begins, product design companies need to fully communicate with customers to clarify key information such as product positioning, design direction, user needs, design content, and design style. This stage is critical to ensure the accuracy and directionality of subsequent design work.

At the same time, market research is also an indispensable part. The design team needs to conduct in-depth analysis of industry trends, competitive products, target user groups, and potential product pain points. This information will provide strong data support for subsequent product planning and design.

2.Product planning and conceptual design

After fully understanding customer needs and market conditions, product design companies will enter the product planning stage. This stage mainly proposes an overall development idea for a product or product line based on the results of market research. During the planning process, multiple aspects such as product functionality, appearance, and user experience need to be comprehensively considered.

Next is the conceptual design stage, where designers will conduct creative designs and generate various design concepts and ideas. This process may include hand sketching, making preliminary models, and using computer-aided design software. The design team will continue to iterate and optimize the design plan until a satisfactory conceptual design is formed.

3.Design evaluation and detailed design

After the conceptual design is completed, the design team evaluates the design options with stakeholders (including clients, internal team members, etc.). The evaluation process may involve user testing, market feedback, cost analysis and other aspects to ensure the feasibility and market acceptance of the design solution.

Once the best design concept is determined, the designer will move into the detailed design phase. This stage mainly involves the production of detailed design drawings, specifications, and prototype production. Detailed design requires ensuring that every detail of the product meets the expected design requirements and user experience.

4.Design verification and production preparation

After the detailed design is completed, the design team will verify the design plan. This process is mainly to ensure that the product can meet all needs and specifications, but also comprehensively tests the product's performance, safety and reliability.

Once the design is verified, the product can enter the production-ready stage. This stage is mainly about communicating with the manufacturer to ensure that all details during the production process meet the expected design requirements. At the same time, the design team also needs to be fully prepared for product launch.

5.Product release and follow-up support

At this stage, product design companies need to pay close attention to market feedback and user evaluations in order to adjust product strategies and optimize design plans in a timely manner. At the same time, the design team also needs to provide customers with necessary follow-up support and services to ensure the smooth promotion and operation of the product.

After the editor’s detailed introduction above, the work process of a product design company includes early project communication and market research, product planning and conceptual design, design evaluation and detailed design, design verification and production preparation, as well as product release and follow-up support. Every link requires careful planning and strict execution by the design team to ensure the smooth progress of the project and the successful release of the final product.