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How do industrial design companies plan product design work?


Author: Jingxi Industrial Design Time: 2024-04-18

In the field of industrial design, an excellent product design work plan is the key to project success. A comprehensive and careful planning can not only improve design efficiency, but also ensure that the final designed product meets market demand and is highly practical and beautiful. The following are some suggestions given by the editor of Jingxi Design to help industrial design companies better plan product design work:


1. Clarify design goals and positioning

Before starting any design work, the design goals and market positioning of the product must be clear. This includes understanding the product’s target user groups, usage scenarios, functional requirements, and expected price range. Collecting this information through market research and user interviews can help designers grasp the design direction more accurately.

2. Conduct in-depth market analysis and user research

Market analysis includes understanding competitors' product features, market trends, and potential market opportunities. User research involves in-depth understanding of user needs, pain points, and expectations. This information is critical in guiding design decisions to ensure that the designed product is market competitive and meets user needs.

3. Develop a detailed design plan

Develop a detailed design plan based on the results of market analysis and user research. This includes determining the main direction and focus of the design, as well as specific design steps and timelines. Design plans should be flexible enough to accommodate changes and challenges that may arise.

4. Focus on innovation and functionality

In the product design process, we must pay attention to the balance between innovation and functionality. Innovation can give a product its unique appeal, while functionality ensures it is practical and easy to use. Designers should constantly explore new design concepts and technologies to enhance the overall value of the product.

5. Establish an interdisciplinary collaborative team

Product design involves knowledge in multiple fields, including engineering, aesthetics, human-computer interaction, etc. Therefore, establishing an interdisciplinary collaborative team is crucial. Team members should have different professional backgrounds and skills in order to think about problems from multiple perspectives and solve challenges together.

6. Carry out prototype testing and iteration

Prototyping and testing your product is a very important step in the design process. Through prototype testing, problems in the design can be discovered and improved. Designers should continuously adjust and optimize design plans based on test results until satisfactory results are achieved.

7. Focus on sustainability and environmental impact

In today's society, sustainability and environmental impact are increasingly valued. Industrial design firms should consider using environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes to reduce the environmental impact of their products. Additionally, designers can design to increase product longevity and recyclability.

8. Continuous learning and improvement

Product design is an ever-evolving field, with new design concepts and technologies constantly emerging. Industrial design companies should keep an eye on industry trends and organize regular internal training and external exchanges in order to learn and master the latest design methods and tools in a timely manner.

In short, good product design work planning requires clear design goals and positioning, conducting in-depth market analysis and user research, formulating detailed design plans, focusing on innovation and functionality, establishing an interdisciplinary collaborative team, conducting prototype testing and iteration, and focusing on feasibility. Sustainability and environmental impact and continuous learning and improvement. By following these recommendations, industrial design companies can carry out product design work more effectively and improve product quality and market competitiveness.