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Sterilization, Disinfection And Deodorizer

Client: Midea Group
Services: Product Design | Mass Production
This is a set of sterilization and deodorization product series carefully created by United Midea Group, jointly named POKEMON, to achieve one-stop service for the entire industry chain from product function definition to product production.
Sterilization, Disinfection and Deodorizer (1)gc6
The product is equipped with an ozone module inside, which can continuously output ozone and eliminate 99.99% of bacteria in daily life. The internal small air function enables ozone to spread evenly over a wide range, providing comprehensive, fast, and efficient sterilization and disinfection. Simultaneously, it has a strong odor removal function. Put it in a refrigerator with an odor, and it only takes about 30 minutes to quickly remove the odor.
Sterilization, Disinfection and Deodorizer (2)lds
Through ozone decomposition, highly oxidizing single atom oxygen (O) and hydroxyl (OH) are produced, which quickly integrate into the cell wall, destroy the internal structure of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, and have a strong killing effect on various pathogenic microorganisms. Odor is often caused by bacteria, and products prevent bacterial growth while avoiding repeated odors.
Sterilization, Disinfection and Deodorizer (3)qa3
Compact and exquisite, only the size of an apple, unrestricted for use, and can also be stored in drawers. Comprehensive coverage of daily life, eliminating 99.99% of bacteria in daily life. Intelligent sensing mode, automatic sensing, interval operation, lower power consumption, only takes 2.5H to fully charge, and can be standby for 10 days.
Sterilization, Disinfection and Deodorizer (4)04y
Compared to deodorizers and air purifiers on the market that require frequent replacement of materials or filters, this deodorizer uses ozone disinfection and purification, which can utilize the ozone generated by oxygen in the air without the need for consumables. Its subsequent use has zero cost, not only saving expenses, but also making it healthier and more environmentally friendly.
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