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Special Impact Wrench for Scaffolding

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This is a product that uses an invention patented technology. Through the application of a displacement sensor, when tightening or loosening the nut, the nut will not actively fall off the screw. It is used for the erection and disassembly of steel pipe fastener scaffolding in the construction industry, which greatly improves the user's work efficiency and experience. At the same time, it effectively reduces material loss and reduces safety hazards during high-altitude operations.
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Creative expression:

Many years later, in the future, District 13 is hierarchical in an absurd cyberpunk scenario.
From God's perspective, in the quiet and dull dim streets of the Thirteenth District, ancient tools from the old civilization are working steadily and accurately, and the sound of mechanical operation continues to echo in the empty streets.
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The built-in modular lithium battery is easy to remove and replace, is lightweight and easy to use. The product itself uses high-strength military-grade materials and a two-color injection molding process. It greatly improves the product's anti-drop and waterproof requirements and extends the service life of the product. Suitable for use in various harsh outdoor environments.
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In terms of product appearance, the fuselage shape of the MiG fighter jet is extracted, and its most distinctive streamlined top feature is integrated into the design of the product, adding a streamlined softness to the tough and solid product features. Posture, achieving the fusion of strength and beauty. Through the blessing of displacement sensors, it can give users a different experience at both the functional and visual levels, increasing consumers' desire to purchase and use.
Charging method: By pressing the switch on the wrench base, the base can be ejected smoothly. Then connect it to the matching charging base, and the indicator light will turn from red to green to prove that charging is complete.
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