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SAMSUNG | UV disinfection box

Customer: SAMSUNG
Our role: Industrial design | Appearance design | Structural design | Electronic R&D | Manufacturing
In an era full of innovation and technology, people's attention to personal health and hygiene has reached an unprecedented level. As an emerging product in the context of this era, ultraviolet disinfection boxes have gradually become a new favorite in people's daily lives due to their efficient and convenient disinfection capabilities. Next, let us walk into the wonderful journey of UV disinfection boxes from design to production.
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Appearance design: simple yet innovative
The appearance design of the UV disinfection box adheres to the principle of simplicity yet innovation. After repeated deliberation, the designer finally decided on a simple rectangular shape as the main body, with rounded corners and smooth curved surfaces, making the disinfection box both visually stylish and easy to hold.
Structural design: sophisticated and practical
The designer used modeling software to conduct a precise design of the internal structure of the disinfection box. Not only must the UV lamps be properly laid out to achieve the best disinfection effect, but the placement of the circuit board, the construction of the heat dissipation system and the design of the cooling system must also be considered. User convenience.
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Electronics R&D: smart and efficient
Electronics are the "brain" of the UV disinfection box. The R&D team equipped the disinfection box with an advanced smart chip, allowing it to automatically adjust the intensity and time of ultraviolet irradiation according to the disinfection needs of different items. At the same time, in order to improve the user experience, a variety of sensors and touch technologies are also integrated, allowing users to easily complete the disinfection process with simple operations.
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Prototype making: the leap from theory to practice
Prototype production is the first step in transforming design concepts into physical objects. The craftsmen carefully selected materials according to the design drawings and meticulously produced a prototype prototype of the ultraviolet disinfection box. This process not only tests the skills of the craftsmen, but also serves as a practical test of design theory. Through prototype production, the design team can promptly discover and solve potential problems, laying a solid foundation for subsequent mass production.
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The birth journey of the UV disinfection box is full of the power of technology and innovation. Every aspect from appearance design to mold opening and injection molding embodies the wisdom and sweat of designers, engineers and craftsmen. It is their unremitting efforts and the spirit of pursuing excellence that give the UV disinfection box its unique charm and strong vitality.
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