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Portable Car Wash Water Gun

Customer: Gulin Power Technology
Service: Product Design | Mass Production
This is a portable high-pressure water gun with a built-in battery, which can be used to wash the exterior of cars, pave walls, etc. It uses a high-speed DC motor and innovative water pump.
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The beginning of the production process is the selection of high-quality raw materials, such as sturdy and durable engineering plastics and precision metal components. These materials undergo strict quality inspection to ensure that they can withstand high-pressure water flow and frequent use. Next, these raw materials are fed into advanced injection molding machines and metal processing equipment, and after high-temperature and high-pressure molding, the various components of the water gun are precisely crafted.
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During the assembly process, every screw and every sealing ring are carefully inspected and tested to ensure that the water gun does not leak or loosen during high-pressure operation.
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In the final stage of production, each high-pressure car wash water gun must undergo strict quality testing, including pressure testing, durability testing, and safety inspections. Only water guns that pass these tests will be labeled as qualified.
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The production of high-pressure car wash water guns is not only the crystallization of technology and process, but also a commitment to quality and responsibility. Every factory produced water gun carries the manufacturer's promise to users - to provide an efficient, convenient, and environmentally friendly car washing experience.