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Design of Reinforced Three Proof Tablet Computer

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Focused on studying how to improve the protective ability of tablets themselves, developed and designed a unique and improved waterproof and protective ability of the three proof tablets?
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1. The original intention/explanation of the project proposal

① An industrial three proof tablet terminal with strong performance and long-lasting endurance, with a protection level of IP67.
② Dual color injection molding technology, each protruding part of the appearance is wrapped with soft rubber to protect every detail, ensuring that it will not be damaged when dropped.
③ Independent waterproof ring design, waterproof and reliable.
④ The button integrated molding process has zero gaps and excellent waterproof performance.
⑤ Edge sloping design, visually lightweight, enhances grip.
⑥ Hidden bracket for easy standing and freeing hands.
⑦ Multiple data collection functions, supporting high-precision GPS positioning, and venturing into various industry fields.
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2. Product features

① Waterproof IP67
② The internal independent waterproof ring design ensures the reliability of protection.
③ Supports falling from a height of 6 meters.
④ The back can be crushed by a car.
⑤ Multi module compatibility, can be externally connected to a back clip module. The internal design has multiple modules that can be adjusted according to customer needs, resulting in higher flexibility.
⑥ Customized according to customer needs.
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3. Overcome technical difficulties in design

①The IP67 protection level is the difficulty of the entire product. Due to factors such as space, interfaces, buttons, expansion modules, etc., the difficulty of protection is increased. It is necessary to consider protective design, disassembly, structural methods, and material selection from the appearance design stage.
② Difficulties in appearance design: Designing to be the thinnest and lightest in a limited space makes it stand out among many peer products.
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