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Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner Design

Customer: Shenzhen Gulin Power Technology Co., Ltd.
Our role: Product Strategy | Industrial Design | Appearance Design | Structural Design | Manufacturing
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V12H-2 is a cordless vacuum cleaner with a built-in battery life. It can be used to clean car interiors, carpets, etc., or clean bed sheets or household carpets. It uses a high-speed DC motor and innovative aluminum alloy fan blades.
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1. Design instructions for vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaners

Appearance design: The appearance of the car vacuum cleaner should be simple and elegant, in line with modern aesthetic trends. Color matching should be harmonious and unified, which can not only reflect the professionalism of the product, but also increase the affinity of the product.
Structural design: The structure of the vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaner should be compact and reasonable, and the components should be firmly connected and easy to disassemble. At the same time, the shockproof and anti-fall performance of the product should be taken into consideration to ensure that it can still be used normally in a bumpy environment in the car.
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Functional design: According to user needs, the car vacuum cleaner should have multiple cleaning modes, such as vacuuming, removing mites, cleaning carpets, etc. At the same time, different gears can be set to meet the cleaning needs of different scenarios.
Intelligent design: Vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaners can use intelligent technologies, such as smart sensing, automatic suction adjustment, etc., to improve the convenience and use experience of the product. At the same time, remote control and intelligent management can be achieved through connection with smart devices such as mobile phones.
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Safety design: Vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaners should be safe and reliable during use. For example, safety measures such as overheating protection and short-circuit protection are adopted to ensure that the product can automatically cut off power and remind users under abnormal circumstances. At the same time, the material of the product should meet environmental protection requirements to ensure that users will not be affected by harmful substances during use.
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2. Advantages of car vacuum cleaners

Portability: Taking into account the limitations of space in the car and the convenience of users to carry it, the car vacuum cleaner is designed to be lightweight and compact, making it easy for users to access and store it at any time.
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Efficiency: With sufficient power and suction, it can quickly and effectively remove dust, dirt and small particles in the car, improving cleaning efficiency.
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Versatility: It has a variety of cleaning functions, such as cleaning carpets in the car, cleaning car seats, etc., to meet the different cleaning needs of users.
Comfort: Reduce noise and avoid unnecessary trouble to users. At the same time, the design of the holding part is ergonomic, allowing users to feel comfortable during use.
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