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Weigao Group portable household oxygen generator: Science and technology to protect family health

In the wave of modern medical technology, Weigao Group and JINGXI once again lead the industry innovation, for you to launch a new portable household oxygen generator. With cutting-edge molecular sieve technology and a large displacement oil-free compressor, this oxygen generator protects the health of your home.
Cutting-edge technology, a new chapter in oxygen production
We know that you attach great importance to family health, so Weigao household oxygen generator adopts advanced molecular sieve technology. Through the principle of physical adsorption, using a large displacement oil-free compressor as a power, easily separate nitrogen from oxygen in the air, providing you with pure, high concentration of oxygen. Give you and your family access to professional-grade oxygen therapy right at home.
Portable design, a new choice for family medicine
Weigao household oxygen generator breaks the shackles of traditional medical equipment and adopts portable minicomputer design. Delicate appearance and lightweight body, so that you can easily carry, whether at home rest, travel or go out, you can enjoy the convenient service of oxygen generator at any time. We are committed to creating a new choice for your home health care, so that health is with you.
Intelligent operation, easy to use
We focus on the user experience and are committed to simplifying the operation of the oxygen generator to the extreme. One-button start, intelligent control, let you easily grasp the use of oxygen generator. You can enjoy the care of pure oxygen without complicated operation steps. At the same time, we also provide detailed operating guidelines and professional after-sales service to ensure that you are carefree during use.
Quality assurance, trustworthy
As a leading enterprise in the medical industry, Weigao Group has always adhered to the principle of "quality first, customer first". We strictly control product quality to ensure that each oxygen generator meets national standards and industry standards. Through a series of research and analysis, we achieve the convenience and safety of home medicine, providing you and your family with the best health protection.
Choosing Weigao portable household oxygen generator is to choose science and technology, choose health and choose trust. Let us work together to protect the health of your family!