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The smallest ever, more than sound - retro light luxury, manual FM radio and Bluetooth speaker

In the hustle and bustle of the city, do you long for a quiet world of your own? 
In the wave of technology, we bring you a subversive innovation - the history of the smallest portable manual FM radio and Bluetooth speaker.
Retro beauty, feelings rekindled
It's not just a speaker, it's a work of art. We drew inspiration from classic cars and integrated classic elements of external or built-in round headlights into the design, with delicate vertical stripe mechanism, so that every detail reveals a retro charm. When you hold this speaker in your hand, it seems that you can travel through time and return to the era full of stories.
Light luxury quality, within reach
We adhere to the design concept of light luxury, with high quality materials and fine technology to create each product. Whether it is the texture of the exterior or the internal sound quality, it makes you feel unparalleled comfort and enjoyment. This speaker is not only a good companion in your daily life, but also a great choice for you to show your taste and personality.
Manual frequency modulation, relive the classic
In the digital age, we still insist on manual frequency modulation design. Gently turn the knob to find your unique frequency and enjoy the anticipation and surprise that you haven't seen for a long time. Each FM is an intimate conversation with the world, taking you through a different sound landscape.
Bluetooth connection, whatever you want
In addition to manual FM radio, the speaker also supports Bluetooth connectivity. You can play your favorite music or programs anytime, anywhere and enjoy a high-quality audio experience. Whether it is a quiet moment alone or a joyous moment with friends, it can bring you unlimited fun and company.
Smallest ever, easy to carry
It's small and lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere. Whether it is outdoor travel, outdoor sports or daily work and study, it can be easily integrated into your life scene, bringing you convenience and pleasure.
A speaker, multiple enjoyment
This is the smallest portable manual FM radio and Bluetooth speaker in history, combining retro, light luxury and practical. It is not only a good partner in your life, but also the best witness for you to express yourself and pursue quality life. Take it home now and let it introduce you to a different world of sound!