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Star Moon industrial handheld: the beauty of tenacity, the choice of wisdom

Under the severe challenges of operating in special environments, a high-performance, multi-functional industrial handheld is an indispensable equipment. Whale Jubilee design team is honored to be commissioned by Lianxiorui customers to bring you the Star Moon Industrial handheld - a masterpiece that perfectly integrates technology, aesthetics and practicality.
Beauty of design: The inspiration of the stars and the bright moon
Star Moon industrial handheld, unique design, inspired by the vast expanse of stars and bright moon. The front layout of the fuselage is as vast as stars, round and atmospheric; logo location is like a bright star, shining with the light of science and technology and quality. The back shell is rounded like a bright moon, and the air outlet and lens are designed with the characteristics of stars, as if the asteroid surrounds the stars, creating a deep and charming visual beauty.
Quality of choice: three protection design and ergonomics
Star Haoyue industrial handheld machine not only outstanding appearance, but also the pursuit of excellence in quality. Compact body structure, durable material, with waterproof, anti-fall, shock-proof, dust-proof features, easy to cope with a variety of harsh environments. At the same time, we pay attention to details, the surface process is delicate, the shape is ergonomic, so that you can feel the ultimate comfort and convenience in the process of use.
Full of functions: a variety of functions in one
The Star Haoyyue industrial mobile phone adopts Android 5.1 system, equipped with professional wireless transmission technology, and has powerful industrial data collection function. The HD display allows you to easily read the data, while supporting barcode, RFID, fingerprint, camera, remote wireless dialogue and other functions to meet your various needs in a special environment.
Proof of honor: The affirmation of the Golden Point Award
With its excellent design quality and outstanding performance, the Star Haoyyue Industrial mobile phone won the 2018 Taiwan Golden Point Award, which is the highest recognition of the professional ability of the Whale Jubilee design team, and the best recognition for your choice of Star Haoyyue Industrial mobile phone.