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Design of wall breaking machine

Home is a space for self extension, minimalist or extremely luxurious, and the one that can relax is "my" home.
Compared to appliances that solely emphasize the sense of tools, nowadays we are more attracted to the coexistence of affinity and quality.
Light luxury aesthetics, fashionable and minimalist, Nordic Volvo, a work of art that blends into daily life.
wall breaking machine
The first generation of wall breaking machines focused on basic functional use; The second generation of wall breaking machines began to focus on the pain point of noise, which is to cover the machine with a glass cover, but the market response is still difficult to achieve noise reduction.
Based on this, we will upgrade the wall breaking machine completely. After verifying its feasibility through 3D printing, we have designed this third-generation wall breaking machine that uses a box for sound insulation, pushing the category of wall breaking machines into a new era.
Toast rice cooker
The inspiration comes from the shape of toast bread, with the four arches of toast bread as feature points for fusion, "sublimating" the aesthetics of fireworks.
The combination of household appliances and toast bread enables products to have better self promotion topics and achieve better traffic attention and popularity in the market.
The appearance of the toast rice cooker blends home art and light retro feeling, perfectly integrating into the home environment, and is committed to creating home art home appliances.
Adopting multi-stage precision cooking temperature control technology, the inner liner is made of black pearl thick kettle material and wear-resistant ceramic crystal coating, achieving the best cooking effect. The 2L inner container capacity meets the basic needs of one to three people, and the top control panel has rich functions to meet various cooking needs.
Small bottle food dispenser
At present, the auxiliary food machines on the market often have two shortcomings: single function and short service life.
This product integrates five functions: cooking, stirring, stewing, boiling water, and serving as a complementary bowl, providing users with a more convenient way to make complementary food.
Gradual complementary foods, from fine to coarse, meet the nutritional needs of babies, and accompany them in more stages of their growth cycle with the continuation of their functions, allowing this product to accompany their growth.
Integrating the concept of a baby bottle into the appearance and function of the product, the combination of the bottle cap and complementary food bowl, the gripper and inner container, and the bottle body and compartment breaks through the impression of excessive tool sensitivity in complementary food machines, creating a more approachable product that caters to the needs of infants and young children.
Seasoning machine
The appearance of the seasoning machine follows the Nordic style, emphasizing a fashionable and minimalist artistic aesthetic. Eliminate complexity and adopt a retro rounded grip.
Presenting a seamless and seamless integrated design through carving and craftsmanship.