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Projector 11sb5

Design of Travel Projector

Travel is not only the movement of the body, but also the journey of the soul. Why not let light and shadow accompany you in unfamiliar cities, peaceful countryside, or peaceful beaches, adding a unique color to your journey? Our carefully crafted travel projector will take you into a brand new perspective and make your journey more colorful.
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When designing this travel projector, we fully considered the needs of travelers. We hope it is not just a projector, but also your intimate companion on the journey. From appearance to functionality, we strive for minimalist and not simplistic designs to ensure that you can easily carry and use them while traveling. 
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This travel projector is suitable for various travel scenarios. When camping outdoors, you can project it onto the tent, watch movies with your family, and enjoy the romance under the starry sky; In the hotel room, you can connect it to the TV and enjoy the fun of watching movies on a large screen; At the beach, you can project it onto the beach and watch games or concerts with friends, spending a wonderful time together. 
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