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Product appearance industrial design principles


Author: Jingxi Industrial Design Time: 2024-04-18

Hello everyone, today I want to talk to you about some basic principles of industrial design of product appearance. Did you know that every time we see a product, whether it is a mobile phone, a car or a home appliance, whether it looks beautiful and attractive, it actually follows certain design principles.

asd (1).png

First, let’s talk about simplicity. Nowadays, everyone likes simple and elegant design, right? Think about it, if the appearance of a product is too complicated, it will not only easily dazzle people, but may also make people feel difficult to operate. Therefore, when designing, we should try our best to achieve smooth lines and simple shapes, so that users can understand it at a glance and be able to use it.

Next is wholeness. The appearance design of a product should match its function and internal structure. Just like wearing clothes, it should not only be fashionable but also fit well. If the appearance is beautiful, but it is inconvenient to use, or is out of touch with the actual function of the product, then such a design will also be unsuccessful.

Let’s talk about innovation. In this ever-changing era, there is no vitality without innovation. The same goes for the appearance design of the product. We must dare to break the rules and try new design concepts to make our products stand out among many similar products. In this way, users can also feel the designer's ingenuity and creativity while using the product.

Of course, practicality cannot be ignored. No matter how beautiful the design is, it is useless if it is not practical. Therefore, when designing, we must fully consider the user's usage habits and needs to ensure that the product not only looks good, but is also easy to use.

Finally, I would like to mention sustainability. Nowadays, everyone advocates environmental protection, and our product design must also keep up with this trend. When choosing materials and processes, try to consider those that are environmentally friendly and recyclable. In this way, our products are not only beautiful and practical, but also contribute to the global environment.

In general, product appearance industrial design is a comprehensive work that must consider not only aesthetics, but also practicality, innovation and sustainability. Just like when we wear clothes, we must be fashionable and beautiful, but also comfortable and decent. Only in this way can our products gain a firm foothold in the market and win the love of users. Everyone said, is this true?