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Midea Oven Design and Partial CMF Application

CMF, which refers to color, material, and surface finish, is an important component of our product design. High quality CMF application can endow products with higher design value. When it comes to brand strategy, CMF design is a crucial tool that can elevate brand perception to a higher end or more suitable brand for a specific audience. Utilizing the aesthetic effects of the product to generate emotional reactions and enhance the user experience of the brand; A good CMF strategy carefully considers each surface and element, as well as how they reflect the brand's value and meet consumer demand for quality.
The initial expression of the design effect
The space retro oven incorporates youthful, trendy, and retro elements, giving people a luxurious and atmospheric feeling. The locally curved metal decoration highlights agility and delicacy; The handle position is assigned different materials, cracks, brushed, and three-dimensional textures based on the natural theme colors of glacier white, ancient gold yellow, and classic blue; The three designs are derived from the texture elements of nature, with a delicate and cold texture that makes people feel as if they are immersed in the vast and mysterious universe.
The final product that is constantly overturned, polished and upgraded
Bold use of unique terrazzo material, water transfer printing technology, and gradient color matching make the entire product structure no longer dull and tasteless. Taking aesthetic taste and behavioral habits as the design tone, operate a delicate knob in a simple manner, cooperate with the display screen, and maintain an appropriate distance to achieve the cooking effect.
CMF Attempts on Two Themes
The retro style oven is themed around the intimate land and nature, with beige and white as the main colors representing seeds and life, and Klein blue as the auxiliary colors of fire red, composing the music of life together.; The hands are adorned with natural mechanisms such as shell patterns and ice patterns, which enhance the vitality and richness of nature. Its golden decorations are like harvested grains, arranged brilliantly on the earth, reminiscent of the boundless wheat fields.
Vitality series retro oven