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Microbubble dentifier: the patron saint of oral health

In modern life, oral health has become an increasingly important issue. In order to bring you a healthier oral environment, we have dedicated our efforts to create this micro-bubble dental irrigator.
Integrated capsule design, compact and portable
Our dental irrigators are designed in a one-piece capsule with a simple yet stylish shape. It is small and lightweight, easy to carry anywhere, whether it is business, travel or daily use, it can easily meet your oral cleaning needs.
Own storage bin, convenient storage
In order to make your dental irrigator more clean and orderly, we have specially designed its own storage bin. You can easily put nozzles and other accessories in it to avoid loss or clutter, and keep your dentifier clean and fresh at all times.
Curved texture design, soft touch
The curve texture design of the water tank is not only beautiful and generous, but also perfectly unified with the water flow out of the product itself. It feels soft to the touch, giving you a comfortable use experience. At the same time, this design can also effectively increase the impact of the water flow, so that the cleaning force is stronger.
4 professional nozzles, 360 degree rotation
In order to meet the needs of different users, we specially provide 4 professional nozzles for you to choose from. These nozzles can be rotated 360 degrees to easily adapt to various oral structures and protect your gum health.
Piston pump technology, stable high frequency pulse water flow
Our dental flushes use advanced piston pump technology to produce a steady, high-frequency pulsed water flow. With a pulse frequency of up to 1300 times per minute, and intelligent pressure regulation technology, precise pressure control is achieved to ensure that the water is soft and powerful, deep into the teeth, carrying away food debris and plaque.
3 frequency conversion modes, DIY pulse water intensity
In order to meet the needs of different users, we provide soft, pulse, strong 3 frequency conversion modes for you to choose. At the same time, you can also according to their own preferences and needs, DIY pulse water intensity, making cleaning more personalized and comfortable.
The delicate and focused water column makes the mouth feel pure and clear
The finely focused water column can accurately impact between the teeth and dental plaque, easily removing food debris and light cleaning teeth. After use, your mouth will feel clean and your breath will be fresher.