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Medical Cart: one-stop solution for ablation surgery

In the pursuit of efficient and convenient modern medical field, we understand the high requirements for the diversity of equipment and operation convenience of ablation surgery. In order to meet the clinical needs of different cases, we have built a new medical cart to provide a one-stop solution for ablation surgery.
This medical trolley is a collection of ablation equipment, ablation handle, cable, computer and other key components, not only to achieve the centralized management of equipment, but also to make the operation simple and fast. Whether you are using a single device or need multiple devices to work together at the same time, it can easily cope with the needs of different treatment scenarios.
The portability of the medical trolley is a highlight. No matter where you need to perform surgery, you can easily move the entire device to its destination with a single push. This not only saves valuable labor costs, but also greatly saves medical space and makes the operating room cleaner and more orderly.
In order to meet the requirements of different heights, we specially use the gas spring self-locking hydraulic adjustable pneumatic rod to achieve rapid lifting adjustment. Whether two or three devices are used at the same time, the optimal height can be easily adjusted to ensure the smooth operation.
In addition, the medical cart is equipped with a comprehensive control platform for multi-machine joint control, so that you can easily control the entire surgical process. Whether it is adjusting equipment parameters or monitoring surgical progress, it can be easily done on a single platform, greatly improving the efficiency of surgery.
We are always committed to providing innovative, efficient and convenient solutions for the medical field. This medical trolley is the result of our tireless efforts to bring a whole new experience to your ablation surgery. Choose us to make your surgery easier, more efficient and safer!