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Intelligent guard, security - electronic ink screen intelligent student card

In our busy school life, we know that the safety and comfort of every child is of Paramount importance. To this end, we have carefully created an e-ink screen smart student card, which is not only a useful aid for students' daily commute, but also a communication bridge between students, parents and teachers.
One card in hand, safe and secure
This smart student card integrates real-time positioning, emergency call, track playback and other functions to ensure the safety of children's commute. No matter where the child is, parents can grasp the location information of the child in real time through the mobile phone, providing an invisible safety barrier for the child.
Low power screen, protect eyesight
Our self-developed low-power screen not only has a clear display effect, but also will not cause damage to children's vision for a long time. Let children learn at the same time, but also enjoy a healthy and comfortable visual experience.
Micro curved surface design, elegance and comfort coexist
Micro-curved surface modeling design not only improves the sense of holding hands, but also makes the edge of the product thinner and the visual effect more delicate and elegant. At the same time, combined with ultra-light medical grade antibacterial materials, the weight of the product is controlled within 75 grams, so that children can wear more comfortable and easy.
Clear button, easy to operate
The button design with clear ICONS allows children to easily identify various functions during use, reducing the difficulty of operation. Whether it is positioning query, emergency call or track playback, it can be reached at one touch, convenient and fast.
Focus on real needs and provide high quality products
Under the market trend of giving priority to curb appeal, we always adhere to the needs and dilemmas of students' real life as a starting point, and constantly optimize product design. Based on the previous product design experience and user pain point analysis, we have established a more perfect interactive system, providing high-quality products and invisible safety barriers for students, parents and teachers.
Choose our e-ink screen smart Student card, so that children can enjoy a safe and comfortable school life while learning happily. Let's protect the future of our children together!