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China's wisdom, blood filter white cabinet new benchmark

In the field of blood safety, we know that every detail matters. In order to meet the urgent needs of the domestic blood station system, we have made an effort to create a unique Chinese blood filter white cabinet, the perfect integration of technology and ingenuity, to provide a full range of protection for your blood operations.
This blood filter white cabinet, the appearance is simple and atmospheric, every detail has been carefully polished. Curved surface design, rounded edge treatment, not only make the appearance more beautiful, but also enhance the comfort of use. The overall design is ergonomic, and the man-machine interface is simple and convenient to operate, so that you can use it easily.
Profile curtain buckle hand, magnetic fixation, not only the texture is convex, but also reflects our strict control of the cost, to bring you a cost-effective choice. Reserve a large area of platform, cold air return space, easy for you to place blood bags, keep blood in a low temperature state.
The cabinet is equipped with world famous lighting fluorescent lamps, three-dimensional stainless steel lampshade, all-round three-dimensional lighting, so that you can see at a glance in the operation. At the same time, we also specially selected ultraviolet lamps to disinfect the cabinet to ensure blood safety. This full range of protective measures makes your blood work more secure.
As an outstanding representative of China's intelligent manufacturing, our blood filter cabinet not only breaks the monopoly of foreign brands, but also provides a more high-quality and efficient choice for the domestic blood station system. We firmly believe that this exclusive Chinese blood filter white cabinet will become your effective assistant in your work, so that blood safety is more secure.